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Many Brands

We carry all the major brand and types of tire that provide you confidence on the road. We can even get those hard to find tires as well.


Good service is hard to find, but at Eagle Tires we take pride in providing you the best service in town. Make us your source for tires and service.


Taking care of your tires starts with knowing your tires. We help you understand what you need to know about tires so you can care for them properly.


Our story started long before we opened up shop in mid 2009. We grew up in and around the car service and tire business. With a deep knowledge in tires, suspension and service and, having serviced just about everything on the road from cars to tractor trailers, we decided to put our shop in St. George , Utah. Our goal is to bring the best service to town at the most competitive price. We understand and know tires and suspension better than anyone, and we care about our customers because we know that they are the reason we are in business.

There are many reasons why cars handle the way they do on the road, and the foundation of handling starts with the tires and wheels. So if your vehicle makes a funny sound, drifts or pulls to one side or the other, or you just need new tires or a flat tire fixed, we are at your service.

We Carry Top Brands

Eagle Tires has many tires to choose from. We work with the top manufacturers to deliver you the best ride for your vehicle. Come in and see what we can do for you!

Tire Facts

Tire Facts

When in the market for a set of tires many people look to purchase a tire based on how it will make their vehicle look or a specific tire that they have had in the past that worked out well for them. It is not only recommended, but necessary to find out the tire recommendations from the manufacturer of your vehicle prior to purchasing tires. The size, height and load are all consideration when picking up tires for your vehicle.

You can find the manufactures recommendation in your owners manual, however to understand the side of the tire so as to ensure that you are putting the proper tire on your vehicle, we will take a quick look at what it all means: the first three digits are the width of the tire in millimeters, then followed by a slash and then a two digit number which tells you the height of the sidewall as a percentage of the tire’s width. For example, if the tire code starts like this: 205/55, then the height of the sidewall is 55% of 205, or 110 millimeters. If an “R” appears after the sidewall height, then you know it has radial construction. The next two digits are the diameter of the rim the tire fits on. The next number is the code that indicates the maximum load capacity of the tire, and finally, if there is a letter at the end of the code, it is the tire’s speed rating.

It is important to check your tire pressure on a regular basis. This is because your tire wears based on the level of inflation ot the tire. If it is over filled it will wear just the center of the tread and if it is under inflated it will cause pocketing in the tread which will result in a loud rough ride.
When adding air pressure to your tires, only inflate the tires to the PSI recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. This can be found in the owners manual or usually on the inside of the door frame on the drivers side of the car.

This focuses on the distribution of weight around the tire. Tire are not made perfectly weighted, so weight are added to the rim of the tire in small increments to provide a true balance to the tire. This is important for a smooth and comfortable ride. It also extends the life of your tire and other parts of your vehicle such as your suspension and above all it increases the safety and performance of vehicle handling.

Tires are made up of several different parts, which include the sidewall, the tread, and the ply amongst others, however The combination and the variations of the materials provide for good handling in differing conditions, types of driving, and they even differ based on the vehicles.

The tread of the tire is the part of the tire that touches the driving service when the tire rolls. Each tire has a tread pattern, and each tread pattern is specific for the type of driving and the expected driving conditions. Some tread patterns are made to remove rain through grooves that are deeper than the tread void (the space between the tread) and other are good in snow, off road or dry driving conditions and there is the all-purpose or all-terrain tire which is made to expect all types of driving conditions.
Tires come with something called a wear bar, which serves as a built-in signal alerting the driver to replace the tire when it has worn down to the wear bar.

The Shoulderof the tire is the area where teh side wall meets the tread
The Bead is the area of the tire that holds it securely to the rim, it can be found between the sidewall and the rim and is constructed of a very durable rubber compound which is reinforces with steel cable.

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Check your spare tire; before any long trip, you should always check your spare tire to ensure that it is inflated and ready for use should there be a need to use it.


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